About Us

Our mission is to create open and honest coffee experiences while ensuring fairness to farmers. We roast to order and focus on sustainability from seed to cup.

Our story

Founded by school friends, Rising Sun Roasters wants to solve the problem of fairness, sustainability and accessibility in the world of speciality coffee. Scientists at heart, we are three friends with a love and passion for coffee. Our aim is to develop unique roasts that explore the potential of coffee. 


Founders Ravi Khakhar Kashyap Thakrar Deepesh Thobhani



We're based within Watford Palace Theatre, who we're working with to bring great coffee to its patrons. We roast to order and ship directly to wholesale customers - using e-bikes where possible. Web shop customers are welcome to collect their roasts directly from our roastery as well. However, selling coffee is just a small part of what we're trying to do.