Our Aims

We feel strongly about fairness at all ends of the coffee stream, from fairness to farmers to using the right materials and providing a fair and honest product to our customers. We pride ourselves in operating to this blueprint and aim to contribute to the development of the sector.


Working directly with farmers 

Where we can we are trying to work with farmers directly. At the moment we're too small to do this for our green bean sourcing - but as we grow we aim to source 100% of our green beans from farmers directly. Ensuring they are paid fairly for providing high quality speciality coffee.


Pricing Transparency 

The world of coffee is complicated when it comes to pricing, c-pricing is a complex world and not always fair. And in truth farmers get short changed and it's not always clear what farmers are paid. We can't change the world and the markets but we can be upfront about what farmers receive from us. So as soon as we can we will publish how much farmers get paid for the coffee they sell.

Is it possible to be this transparent - we think so. We've been inspired by Coffee Collective in Denmark. Check them out.


B Corp 

Sustainability is at the core of our corporate values and we wish to make a positive change to the world. We want to be fair to farmers and provide unique experiences for our consumers. Our corporate target is to be B-Corp certified and we are actively working towards this.