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Guatemala, Tzikin Huehuetenango

We love this as an espresso

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Vibrant fruity flavours that make your mouth tingle and your mind wander. A unique coffee that we think will be great as a filter.


Some more details

Roast Style: Omniroast (works for Espresso or Filter)
Origin: Guatemala, Tzikin Huehuetenango
Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon
Process Method: Washed
Elevation: 1500 - 2000m


What you might taste

Dark Chocolate
Dried Fruit
Red Grape


Where’s the coffee from

In Mayan culture, the Tz’ikin is a nahual (spirit animal) and the keeper of Mayan lands. Inspired by the protective nahual, we contribute a portion of our profits from every bag sold. This premium goes to support "Coffee Kinder", a 35-day school program that enables kids ages 3 to 12 to continue learning while their parents are working as day laborers in harvest season activities  

Previously sold as Mam, the quality of our Tz’ikin blend remains the same, with the added benefit of supporting sustainable coffee production. The name change also recognizes the challenges that come with coffee farming in a changing climate.

Today, about 75% of Huehuetenango’s population are indigenous Maya. Tz’ikin is sourced from smallholders in a micro-region around La Libertad, Cuchamantes mountain range and San Pedro Necta municipalities in the Huehuetenango region.


What did the farmer receive

TBC - our aim is to show you how much the farmer gets paid for each KG of coffee. We’ll update this information once we know.