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Indonesia, Sumatra Gayo

Try this a filter coffee

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It's different, unusual, not what you'd expect and should get you intrigued. We recommend trying this for an Espresso and we love how different this can be.


Some more details

Roast Style: Omniroast (works for Espresso or Filter)
Origin: Indonesia, Sumatra Gayo
Variety: Ateng, Gayo 1, Timtim
Process Method: Wet Hulled
Elevation: 1,200 to 1,600 meters above sea level


What you might taste

Really clean and juicy
Chocolate and nuts


Where’s the coffee from

The wet-hulled method that is virtually unique to Indonesia. The method is also known as seed dried or Giling-Basah. During harvest time, cherry is handpicked. Ripe cherry is then pulped in a classic pulper before being dry fermented. Parchment is then delivered to dry on a patio for 4-5 days, or until it reaches 25-40% moisture content. At this point, it will be hulled using a wet-huller. The hulled coffee will then be dried again to 10-12% moisture and stored in the cooperative warehouse for around one month before dry milling.

This wet-hulled, Organic coffee was produced by PT. Ihtiyeri Keti Ara (IKA) farm and farmers in the areas around Atu Lintang in Sumatra's Aceh province. PT. Ihtiyeri Keti Ara (IKA) owns the Jagong Mill, which is operated by Irham Junus and his son and daughter, Andi and Ina. The family takes great care to preserve quality in their processing methods, and the result is an unusally clean and sweet Sumatran coffee.

The Janus family takes unusual care in processing, which is evident in the quality of the cup.


What did the farmer receive

TBC - our aim is to show you how much the farmer gets paid for each KG of coffee. We’ll update this information once we know.