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Colombia, Caldas

We love this as an espresso

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Energise your day with our Strong coffee, meticulously crafted by the "juiciosos" farmers amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Colombia's Caldas region!


Some more details

Roast Style: Omniroast (perfect for Espresso or Filter)
Origin: Colombia, Caldas Supremo FW
Variety: Colombian Arabica
Process Method: Fully Washed
Elevation: 1,300 - 1,900 meters


What you might taste

This vibrant Strong coffee from the Caldas region of Colombia offers:

  • Chocolatey Goodness: Rich and indulgent cocoa notes
  • Berries: A touch of fruity sweetness to balance the flavours
  • Citrus: A zesty twist to energise your senses
  • Colombian Craftsmanship: The dedication and skill of the "juiciosos" coffee farmers


Where’s the coffee from

Caldas Supremo FW is a gem from the Eje Cafetero region, famed for its exceptional Colombian coffee. Nestled in Caldas, this coffee treasure is produced by the diligent "juiciosos" farmers. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail ensures that each bean meets the highest standards.

The region boasts tropical rainforest conditions, volcanic soil, and a wealth of rivers and streams, making it perfect for coffee cultivation. With a focus on producing top-notch coffee, Caldas farmers are continually perfecting their techniques and exploring new methods to bring you the finest coffee experience.


What did the farmer receive

TBC - our aim is to show you how much the farmer gets paid for each KG of coffee. We’ll update this information once we know.