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Brazil, Cascavel Verde

We love this as an espresso

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A lighter coffee, lay back, put your feet up and enjoy the taste. Ideal as a filter for those perfect chilled vibes. 


Some more details

Roast Style: Omniroast (works for Espresso or Filter)
Origin: Brazil, Cascavel Verde
Variety: Various
Process Method: Natural
Elevation: 800 to 1,110m


What you might taste

Citric acidity and floral notes


Where’s the coffee from

Cascavel means rattlesnake in Portuguese. Our Cascavel Verde is a classic, fruity Brazil with citric acidity and floral notes. Sourced through a vertically integrated supply chain. It offers sustainable, consistent coffees at accessible pricing.


What did the farmer receive

TBC - our aim is to show you how much the farmer gets paid for each KG of coffee. We’ll update this information once we know.